Ostarp3 Ostarp1 Ostarp2

As I have been busy making collodion negatives these three are my first salt prints from calotype negatives this summer. Taken at Östarp, a lovely place close to where I live.

The calotypes were all more or less underexposed, then overdeveloped to compensate and allowed to fog a bit on their backs. Thus their grainy appearance. Full plate size and gold toned salt prints.




Biskopsgatan/Tomegapsgatan/Stora Tomegatan, Lund.
This is an albumen print, gold toned and printed from a calotype negative – paper negative – made from Baldus instructions.

Sand is also a good song by Lee Hazlewood. If the original version doesn’t suit you there is a cover by OP8, or even Einsturzende Neubauten.