Collodion workshop

I am booked to do a wet plate collodion demo/workshop at Landskrona Foto Festival on the 24th of August.

It will be a few bits about early techniques – daguerreotypes and calotypes – and then wetplate with a demo of the process and one or two hands-on practices for the participants. Maximum 10 persons and it is possible to book if you click here.

I will also be part of an exhibition at the festival together with my friends in the Sunny f16 photographer collective. And there will also be lot of other exhibitions and workshops and lectures.

The picture above is a half plate-ish salt print from a collodion negative with the usual gold toning.


7 comments on “Collodion workshop

  1. Jesper says:

    Det låter alla tiders, jag ska genast anmäla mig!

  2. Hans Jonsson says:

    Jag kommer att vara där!

    • wetplate says:

      I saw that on your blog. I am sure it will be an exciting experience. I haven’t shot one roll of film since I started with collodion and calotypes, it is too fun doing these old processes:-)

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